pick-aboutEmbroidery Palace by Janet Rodriguez

Embroidery is an ancient old art form that captures the essence of old world elegance, but despite the constant evolution of design trends, is still highly sought after to this day. I first realized that embroidery was my passion while traveling throughout Europe. I visited many beautiful places which inspired me to really delve into the world of embroidery. I remember thinking that it must have taken years to complete that type of detailed work; and after educating myself more on the ancient art of embroidery, I found that I was right. Artisans from centuries past would spend years meticulously perfecting their embroidery work. The craftsmanship of the age old art of embroidery, and its seamless ability to be used in all aspects and areas of interior design both struck my interest, as well as captured my heart. I began collecting antique embroidery fragments, and studied the numerous ways to utilize them in interior design. I was on a mission to bring back the lost art of embroidery to be rediscovered by everyone from interior designers to creative individuals looking to customize pieces for their homes, or simply just decorate their space. I work with, and I am surrounded by very talented interior designers that inspire me to create beautiful embroidery embellishments and designs for their interior projects. I currently offer a wide range of embroidery application techniques: satin stitch, appliqué, bonaz, chain stitch trapunto etc. Each of these techniques are very diverse in usability, and can be used in nearly every venue of interior design. There are infinite possibilities of the things that can be created using embroidery. Please visit the Embroidery Palace galleries for ideas, and to take a look at the diverse range of styles that can be created.