The classical art of monograming first arose many centuries ago. Ironically the over lapping initials, which came to be referred to as monograms, weren't initially created as a design detail, but were instead utilized as a way to properly identify the house laundry for the royals and other members of the wealthy elite. The monogram has since evolved, but it wasn't until much later in time that monogramming became popular in a fashionable, rather than functional way. Now used to to embellish almost anything, monograming is a way to showcase personal style and allow it to shine through a variety of personal and household items. Monogram designs are very versatile, and can be made with anywhere from 1-3 letter initials, names, symbols (such as a crown or a fleur de lis ), or as a combination of letters and symbols. Please take the time to view the wide variety of stylish designs created by Embroidery Palace Inc, which are available for you to use as somewhat of a template to help you in the process of creating your own unique monogram. Allow your creativity to flow by changing the colors and size of your design to best suit the location and material of where the monogram will be placed. Alternatively, Embroidery Palace Inc. will be happy to design a monogram for you, simply provide us with the desired size of the design, the quantity of monograms needed, and where you want them to be placed and we will happily provide you with an estimated quote.